Bold, beautiful personal talismans for your journey

Welcome! Here you will find meticulously crafted one of a kind jewelry inspired by ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Why Sea Road Studio?

The ‘sea roads’ were the vital trade routes linking people and cultures together. I hope to honor that history by creating distinct, beautiful, and bold pieces to help serve as a reminder to connect with your best self and the beauty of the world around you. Jewelry has a strong history of symbolizing much more than status and wealth. Sacred relics, powerful talismans, protective amulets - my work connects deeply with these traditions: a modern embodiment of something ancient.

I love sharing this work with you; so often someone is drawn to one specific piece that fits them perfectly. I create the talismans, but YOU provide the meaning. Whether you run with wolves or sit in quiet contemplation of the universe, I am excited to share a tiny part of that journey with you.